Denver is changing!

The easiest sign of this is the new plans for I-70 that will start this year. In short, it’s a $1.17B project that is reported to take 5 years to complete. I find this interesting as they are going to underground the highway and place a field, playground / park, and event plaza OVER the highway. Check out the rendering below:

While a pictures may be worth a thousand words, then maybe a video is worth a million words:

Animation (it’s only 1 min 20 sec)

To take an interstate highway that is built up in the air with a viaduct system and not only remove, but to underground it is a huge difference! Now, I don’t think this would happen if the Stock Show plans were not in place, but that is a conversation for another day.

Or, if the road project isn’t enough to explain some significant changes, maybe this transaction will (1660 Lincoln – 31 story office building):
In 2013 this building was purchased for $38M, and it just sold for $67.2M. This is ~77% appreciation in roughly 5 years (or ~15% per year). It’s this type of activity that is attracting SO much attention for the city. The state reported a net growth of just over 77,000 new residence in 2017 so I guess this type of activity is just a byproduct of this.

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