Doug’s Commercial Report (Denver)

The old Westminster Mall is going to be the new Downtown Westminster!

Now that the old mall has been torn down, it will be fun to watch the new development take place. In short, here are some of the anticipated highlights:

  • 4,500 new residences
  • 700,000 SFT of retail space
  • 2,300 new residential units
  • 8,000 new workers

If you were curious, the original mall opened in 1977, and at it’s peak it had a total of 1,200,000 SFT. It was demoed in 2012 through eminent domain, but suffered many big box sore closures before that between 1997 through 2009.

Down Town Westminster

It’s hard to believe this site was primarily one building when you look at the new site plan. However, many people are excited to see the activity in the area. This should bring the city of Westminster a lot of activity in a multitude of ways. I say a multitude of ways because it’s not just a sales tax basis that this site will bring as much of the plans has ties to mass transit through RTD. The parking garage, and current RTD bus stop across from the site already get a lot of attention as it seems to be the gateway between Denver / Boulder. This will now add to that activity, and attract even more attention.

Parking / RTD

One of the comparisons I keep hearing for this site is that it should end up looking something like Belmar in Lakewood (Belmar replaced the old Vila Italia mall by converting it to a mixed use site). However, the parking at this location is distinctly different due to the proximity of the RTD stops and it’s position just off of highway 36 / Boulder turnpike.

The city has recognized this aspect, and I am betting that is why the first building that has been complete is the new parking garage. They put together this quick video to further explain:

New Parking Garage Video

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Down Town Westminster