New Tower in Downtown Denver?

Davis Partnership, a well known local architectural firm, has put together the following video to help explain the 1,000 foot tall tower intended for 1650 17th Street:


Mike Ursini is the developer behind this concept. John Rebchook, with the Colorado Real Estate Journal, has put together some great information with more details in this article:

Colorado Real Estate Journal


Shared Space – A movement in the office sector!
Collaborative office space is making an impact in the world of real estate.  Many Denver companies are choosing to abandon the traditional model of housing employees under one roof and instead are exploring the value of utilizing remote and shared office space.  Some suggest this is a fad and that it may not last.  Others argue that it meets the workforce needs while delivering cost savings to organizations.
Denver Office Rates
While downtown Denver asks for the highest office lease rates, the metropolitan area remains steady with overall lease rate of $26.64.

It stands to reason, that a low unemployment rate has a correlation to higher lease rates.  As of July 2017, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports the Colorado unemployment rate at 2.4%.  This is well below the national average of 4.6%.

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* Direct Weighted Average Asking Rates (FSG)

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